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Guidance on Selling your Home

Listen to your REALTOR when they suggest ways you can make your home more appealing.
I am experienced in preparing homes to sell. Curb appeal translates into a faster sale. You want buyers to see your home rather than your collectables and memorabilia. The fewer distractions between buyers and your home the better your home will show.

Declutter and deep-clean your home throughout. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare and clean your home before it is listed. Disposing of artifacts and memorabilia can be difficult and time consuming. Many sellers need at least 2 weeks for clean-up and clean- out. Open blinds and drapes and clean the windows. If the walls need painting or touching up, get it done. Prospects prefer to see how great your home really is - rather than try to imagine how great it could look with a few repairs. Offers tend to be lower when buyers must visualize how nice your home can look after repairs and cleaning.

A check-list of items to repair or correct includes:
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Repair leaking pipes, dripping faucets, and running toilets
  • Keep the kitchen counter top and sink free of dishes
  • Declutter closets and hang up clothes
  • Clean animal areas and do what you can to eliminate odors
  • Keep pets controlled and quiet
  • Clean your bathroom and keep it that way
  • Put out clean towels and mats
  • Make the rest of your house desirable (ask your REALTOR to help if you need to do so)
  • Turn off televisions, computers, and other sources of distraction during showings
  • Either make plans to not be home during showings or wait outside

Information on Selling your Property Yourself (For Sale by Owner)

When a home owner takes the initiative to sell their home themselves it is often driven by a desire to save money. Money is saved by not paying commission to a listing agent (and a buyer may appear without a REALTOR). In our area a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) will not be in the Multi-Listing Service (MLS). There are FSBO services available that provide internet marketing. Today's buyers rely primarily upon marketing services associated with a MLS. A FSBO does not reach as many buyers because market penetration is less.

In today's real estate market, most REALTORS use the same or similar marketing media. Listing a property with a REALTOR ensures worldwide syndicated internet exposure. Similar marketing techniques level the playing field whether a seller uses a large franchise or a small independent broker. Since marketing initiatives are essentially the same, pricing is the determining factor in whether a property sells and how quickly.

As a rule of thumb, REALTORS screen customers and limit showings to qualified buyers. When a seller markets their own home no such screening takes place. The FSBO seller is required to make their own determination with respect to whether a buyer is qualified and able to purchase the home. FSBO sellers handle all arrangements for showings.

If your FSBO does not generate a buyer and you still want to sell your home please contact me. I will prepare a cost free comparative market analysis of your home's value in today's market. Link here for the free CMA If you decide to hire me I will develop a marketing plan created specifically for your home.

Why you should list with me:

  • Real estate is my only business
  • I am an Accredited Buyer's Representative
  • I negotiate the price and terms you want
  • I use the "highest ranked" buyer lead referral service in the industry
  • I say what I mean and mean what I say
  • I will give you straight answers and sound advice
  • I am passionate about real estate
  • I target buyers who are interested in coastal properties
  • I review market data everyday
  • You will not find a more trustworthy REALTOR
  • Other REALTORS show my listings
  • I am available 365 days a year
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